Brave (and free) New World preview

By Lawrence A. Johnson

With Festival Miami starting in October this season, September is more musically barren than usual, but there are still some isolated events.

The New World Symphony does not open its season until next month, but one can scope out this year’s roster (a third of the orchestra is new each fall) at two free preview concerts. Friday night’s program for woodwinds and brass is especially venturesome, offering Stravinsky’s Octet, Varese’s Deserts, Emil Hartmann’s Serenade and Musicians Wrestle Everywhere by Judith Weir.

On Saturday the New World strings will be in the spotlight for two of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons (Autumn and Winter), George Walker’s Lyric for Strings, and Bartok’s Music for Strings, Percussion and Celesta.

Due to reserved seating, both free events are “sold out” on paper but there are usually ample no-shows, so go to the Lincoln Theater at 541 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach and take a chance. Note that the New World’s evening performances now start at 7:30 this season.

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Fri Sep 19, 2008
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