No launch day but today

By Lawrence A. Johnson

Welcome to the new home of South Florida Classical Review.

The web-based coverage of the region’s classical music scene that began in June on the previous blogspot site will now continue here. Please adjust your web browser and your links to reflect the new URL.

A note about functionality: the center column will operate much as a newspaper centerpiece, in which will appear the newest articles, be they concert reviews, announcements, news, interviews, critic picks, or CD/DVD reviews. No more endless scrolling. As new articles appear, the older posts will move to the side columns, which are grouped by theme: Performances (live reviews), CD/DVD Reviews, Coming Up, Interviews, etc.  All posted articles and reviews will remain permanently on the site where the entire archive is searchable. 

South Florida Classical Review’s site is brand new and, therefore, a work in progress, so consider the next week a testing period of sorts in which we’re likely to tweak things, add some details, etc. The end result is to make moving about on the site as easy and pain-free as possible.

Two orders of business: For those who have written about the newsletter, you will receive your first emailed issue next week. And I encourage all who would like South Florida Classical Review to continue and prosper as a lively, comprehensive and independent source for classical news and reviews to consider purchasing advertising on the site, whether your company is a musical organization or not.

Finally, thanks are in order to all who helped South Florida Classical Review get to this day. A shout out to my web team of Fred and Jason, who have put up with my prodding, questions, criticisms, and endless emails with (mostly) aplomb. Thanks to friends, family, colleagues and all who have been supportive with advice, encouragement and occasional material aid. I’m especially grateful to my informal advisory triumvirate of Jack, Candice, and Pat. You know who you are.

Finally, my contact email has changed so for all ideas, suggestions and advertising inquiries, please write to me at [email protected].

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