Arsht Center opera house flooded due to faulty drain pipe, say officials

By Lawrence A. Johnson

[UPDATED] More than 2,000 people were forced to evacuate the Adrienne Arsht Center’s Ziff Ballet Opera House Sunday night due to flooding of the venue.

In a statement released late Monday afternoon, Arsht president and CEO John Richard said that the venue is being cleaned and would be open for Tuesday night’s performance of  The Lion King.

“Cleanup efforts are progressing as planned at the Ziff Ballet Opera House following Sunday night’s drain line leak,” said Richard in a statement released by Arsht. “The building is safe for patrons and Tuesday evening’s 8 pm performance of The Lion King will be presented as scheduled.”

Sunday night’s performance of The Lion King was stopped around 8 o’clock and Arsht staff members went on stage to tell patrons to evacuate the building.

Scott Shiller, executive vice-president of the Arsht Center, stated that the heavy rains in Miami caused a drain line to leak with flooding in the lobby leading to the show being stopped.

An Arsht spokeswoman said patrons of Sunday night’s show should contact their point of purchase or the Arsht Center box office at 786-468-2337 to exchange tickets for future Lion King performances through June 10.


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