MTT’s heart surgery “a complete success”

By Lawrence A. Johnson

Michael Tilson Thomas conducted the New World Symphony in music of Britten, Mozart and Brahms Saturday night in Miami Beach.

Michael Tilson Thomas underwent heart surgery at the Cleveland Clinic.

Michael Tilson Thomas’s heart surgery has been “a complete success” and the artistic director of the New World Symphony is expected to make a full recovery. A statement released by his national publicist, Shuman Associates, said that the 74-year-old conductor’s heart “is performing at 100%.”

Currently recuperating at the Cleveland Clinic, where he underwent the unspecified heart surgery, the music director of the San Francisco Symphony will return to his home in that city where he will spend the rest of the summer convalescing and recovering.

MTT is prepared to open his 25th season with the San Francisco Symphony on September 4 as scheduled, and also open the New World Symphony season in Miami Beach on October 12.

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