Lin Arison gives NWS $30 million; New World concert hall to be named after Tilson Thomas

By Lawrence A. Johnson

In a video announcement prefacing Saturday night’s New World Symphony concert led by Michael Tilson Thomas, NWS co-founder and longtime benefactor Lin Arison stated that she is gifting $30 million to the training orchestra.

Along with the gift from the Arison Arts Foundation, Arison announced that New World’s concert space will henceforth be known in perpetuity as the Michael Tilson Thomas Performance Hall. 

The conductor graciously thanked Arison for both the endowment gift and the hall naming, joking that his “polysyllabic name” will now bedevil generations of musicians to come.

The weekend’s season-closing concerts of Mahler’s Symphony No. 5 led by Tilson Thomas were a bittersweet affair. While Saturday night’s live-streamed performance offered a characteristically rich and deep Mahler Fifth—with an uncommonly tender Adagietto—it also marked MTT’s final concerts as the orchestra’s founding artistic director and guiding light for the past three-and-one-half decades.

In a post-concert speech Saturday, an upbeat Tilson Thomas stated that he has many plans in mind in his new capacity as artistic director laureate and encouraged the Miami Beach audience to “Stay tuned.”

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  1. Posted May 08, 2022 at 3:54 pm by Cathy M

    It was a glorious concert and incredible to hear that the donation was happening and the hall named after MTT. The musicians were magnificent and clearly thrilled to be able to be part of this farewell event.

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